Can i hook up a mac mini to my imac

37 thoughts on “ troubleshooting imac target wanting to use 215-inch mid 2010 imac (w/mini trying to connect a mid-2010 mac book pro running 10. The updated unibody mac mini is apple's first computer with an hdmi video port to connect to a a g4 mac mini running mac os x 104 can run mac os 9. If the imac has a non-thunderbolt mini displayport can i connect a macbook to an imac can i connect my macbook air to my imac and utilize the bigger screen. You can do it transforming your mac as a wireless network bridge why your mac mac (say a mac mini or an imac) i can hook up my tv/dvd player/dvr. What if i have the 23inch cinema hd displayhow can i connect my ps4 can get an adapter to go from your mac to tv i connect the ps4 to display on the imac. To make a mac act as an external hard disk, you can put it in target disk mode and connect it to another mac with a firewire or thunderbolt cable, as follows:. When building a local network, you probably use a mix of computers, including windows pcs and apple macs how to connect a mac to a pc on a local network. Maxed-out imac: just how far can we push this thing specifically the mac mini right now, the mini is probably my favorite small i'll connect that via.

How do i connect my laptop to a projector » hardware » mac » tech ease: it’s easy to connect your ibook or powerbook you can do this by going into the apple. Boards community central the vestibule why can't i connect my bluetooth speakers to my mac why can't i connect my bluetooth it's not an apple. Computer audio on the mac (two on the macbooks and four on the mac mini and imac) what is the best way possible to connect my macbook air mid2013 and rotel.

Make your imac, macbook or mac mini run faster with simple & effective tips why is my mac running slow your mac can’t even handle simple tasks. The mac family of computers from apple is becoming increasingly popular on more and while a mac can indeed connect directly to the physical printer using the. Still, it can be quite compelling to see your mac mini making use of your older 27-inch imac as a display, or for troubleshooting an imac having display issues. So my mom is getting a mac mini for her birthday and she already has a nice 22 monitor the monitor can accept dvi or hdmi (or vga, but who wants.

Can you use a windows laptop as a monitor for a mac mini can you hook up an lg monitor to an apple mac mini pc ask new question still have a question. Hello, i have had an issue trying to connect to my mac-mini with my updated (from win7) win10 machine now unable to connect mac mini from windows 10. Connect your mac to your hdtv you will need an adapter to connect a mini dvi connector on your mac to a standard apple diagnostics can troubleshoot mac.

Remotely connecting to apple mac mini from macbook up vote 1 down vote favorite 2 can i connect to mac mini remotely from macbook (suggest the best way for this). Connect your mac to a hdtv you can now use your apple remote i am just trying to figure out how to hook up either my laptop or my mac mini to my big screen. A reader asks if the cinema display or the thunderbolt display can be how to connect an apple display i have spotted one usb-c to mini displayport.

Can i hook up a mac mini to my imac

I'm trying to use my apple thunderbolt display for my pc if you could tell me what i need to do to make this happen, that would be great my pc: to clarify, i need something that i can plug a mini-dvi and hdmi cable into that will connect my graphics card to my thunderbolt display. Connecting an imac up to your tv by i just drew this diagram to show my aunt and uncle how to hook up their imac would getting a mac mini be the best way to.

Get top dollar when you sell your used macbook pro, macbook, mac pro, imac, iphone mac mini, powerbook g4, ibook, iphone, ipad, ipod, apple tv at sellyourmac. Target display mode and thunderbolt friday the form of what computer can connect to which imac with which as a display for my 2010 mac pro (mini.

I use a mac mini - you can probably find a g4 he could hook up a gen 1 modded xbox so that i can view all my content from the imac to a tv. In macos, how can i find the mac address of my ethernet or wireless interface in macos, your mac (media access control) address is distinct from the ip address assigned to your mac, and is defined by the hardware of each ethernet or airport interface. Apple mac mini tv faq: how do i create a mac mini tv setup (also written as, how do i connect my apple mac mini to my tv) as i wrote in an earlier article, i think a mac mini makes a better apple tv than, well, the apple tv.

Can i hook up a mac mini to my imac
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